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Bio: The real estate market is not becoming global—it is global. For quite some time, investors have crossed borders into neighboring countries, perhaps in search of a more stable economy or simply to expand their investment portfolios. Increasingly, however, investors are reaching clear across the globe for investment opportunities that were once inaccessible to them: from London to Singapore, from China to California, from Moscow to Manhattan. These investors need a unique form of support that traditionally has not been made available—resources, directories, advice, hard facts and data—on a truly global scale. And it’s not only the investors who need a forum for communicating and researching global markets but also the professionals they engage—from real estate agents to financial advisors to construction site managers and interior designers. In order to provide a viable, productive service to their clients in this global marketplace, they also need a means to communicate globally with their peers in other countries, to do research into unfamiliar markets, and to find or be found by their next global customer. PropDom is for the global investor and the professionals who work on their behalf. It is a property portal, a jobs portal and a yellow-pages directory, as well as a comprehensive knowledgebase and resource for advice and peer-to-peer and investor-to-professional communications—all on a global scale and all in one place. Nothing of this measure has been considered before now: where there are property listings for one country or region, there are few resources or data, and where there are data or resources, there are limited property listings. Although real-estate news sources have been around for decades, few if any provide the resources to apply the information being shared in a meaningful way. Now imagine a real-estate version of LinkedIn, Google and Wikipedia rolled into one and then combined with the largest property-related portals in the world. This is PropDom: global, comprehensive, truly useful, accessible to all, and under one roof. PropDom is a free to use, free to list property platform. Within PropDom you will find: Property for sale, rent, auction and holiday,Professonal listings and jobs within the property and ancillary markets,A vast property knowledge section,Loads of property blogs from around the world,Everything you need to know when considering buying or moving abroad. If you cant find what you are looking for... please contact us ( and we will research your question and post the answerImage

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