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Music, Art, Theatre & More in Cape Town

A multi-talented city, Cape Town has many a different cultural activity for the aficionado and the newcomer alike. With activities ranging from theatre productions and orchestra performances, to museums and historic tours, this city has it all and is not afraid to show it.





Theatre in Cape Town

Cape Town has a well-developed theatre circuit and is often the host of international theatre events as well as numerous local productions. You can expect to see anything ranging from classical theatre to satire and even world-famous ballets.

Some of the more popular theatre venues include:

  • The Artscape Theatre is a general theatre that caters for all types of events and is situated near the city center.
  • The Baxter Theatre caters for dance, music and live theatre events and is situated in the suburb of Rondebosch.
  • The Theatre on The Bay caters more for contemporary plays, musical reviews and tribute shows. It is located in the suburb of Camps Bay.

There is also an open air theatre, Maynardville Theatre, which is host to many a Shakespearian play and is definitely a must visit for the avid theatre goer.

  • Be warned that this theatre normally stages performances at night and it is advisable to take a blanket.


Concerts in Cape Town

Cape Town plays host to many an international lineup and the city is constantly abuzz with exhilaration for one act or another.

  • There are also plenty of local acts playing regularly throughout the city and the music available ranges from classical to rock.

Cape Town does also have its own Philharmonic orchestra.which is 1 of only 2 full-time orchestras in the country.

  • They are housed in City Hall but do also play at the Artscape theatre.

Some of the larger concert venues include:

  • The Cape Town Stadium
  • The TygervalleyVelodrome
  • Kenilworth Racecourse

Worth mentioning are the concerts held in KirstenboschBotancial Gardens. These are normally held in summer months on a Sunday afternoon and make for a great outing and picnic opportunity.

Museums in Cape Town

There are a wide variety of museums in Cape Town, but the most famous of these is the Cape Town museum.

  • Situated in the suburb of Gardens, literally in the city center, the Cape Town museum offers a wide range of exhibits ranging from ancient dinosaurs to more modern current events.
  • They also do limited-time and guest exhibits, so it is always worthwhile to keep an eye on what’s happening.
  • The museum also has a planetarium attached that offers a variety of celestial shows.

Other notable museums include:

  • The Bo Kaap museum
  • Groot Constantia
  • The Maritime center
  • The Social History center
  • South African National Gallery


Quite a large number of museums are located close together and are within easy walking distance; however, you can easily spend the whole day appreciating just one or a few of them.

Cultural and historic tours in Cape Town

A more recent development and addition to the city’s repertoire is the advent of cultural and historic tours.

  1. These are normally provided by tour-bus companies and include things like exploring heritage sites, historically significant sites and even touring Robben Island to see Nelson Mandela’s old jail cell.

    Music, Art, Theatre & More in Cape Town


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