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Interior Design Styles: Art Deco

With a focus on modern materials and techniques, Art Deco glittered and shone in the inter-war years. Its simple, streamlined style still speaks of luxury and elegance.

Chrysler building

Chrysler building

Art Deco first appeared in the 1920s. Its popularity peaked and waned in the1930s, as the Second World War brought austerity and strife to much of the world. Art Deco had been confident about a bright technological and social future, an attitude that suddenly seemed out of place. Many terms, including Art Deco itself, came from a resurgence of interest and analysis during the 1960s.

The Art Deco movement was reacting to the Arts and Crafts

and Art Nouveau movements, moving away from their use of floral motifs, organic curves and traditional materials and using instead geometric shapes and patterns, straight lines and modern, industrial materials.

The Chrysler Building in New York is perhaps the world’s most famous Art Deco building.

What is typical of the Art Deco look?

  • Geometric forms
  • Straight lines
  • Symmetry
  • Streamlined, clean, simple
  • Modern or industrial materials such as chrome, stainless steel and
  • Glass
  • Leather and shiny fabrics
  • Few natural or floral motifs
  • Repeating patterns
  • Cool and metallic colors, plus black and white

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